How child care centres encourage children to develop a love of reading

November 04, 2020


There’s something about a book that can capture the hearts of children of all ages. That’s why most child care centres will have a reading corner, a book nook or even a whole library for the children to help them develop a love of reading.

Toddle spoke with Amanda O'Born, the Lead Educator from Kool Kids Early Learning Centre Nerang in Queensland, to find out more about how her centre helps children find that spark and fall in love with reading.

Just how popular is reading at your centre? 

‘The reading areas are always being utilised,’ explains Amanda. ‘The children help set up the reading areas and will choose reading materials which are of interest to them.’ 

And it’s not just in the reading area that children can enjoy a story or two. ‘Educators read to the children throughout various parts of the day,’ shares Amanda. ‘Both indoor and outdoor environments are set up with areas to promote reading.’ 

How do you encourage children to fall in love with reading?

‘We focus on the pictures by using the abecedarian approach,’ says Amanda. ‘We use the see, show, say method to build confidence, imagination, observational skills, and curiosity.’ 

Games are a good way to get the children interested in reading. ‘We engage the children in matching games, conversational reading, rhyming games, and basic card games to make it interesting for them,’ she explains.

Do children need to be able to read before they start school?

Many parents assume that their little one needs to know how to read before they start formal schooling, but this isn’t the case. ‘Children do not necessarily need to be reading before starting school,’ shares Amanda. 

‘We do encourage them to learn to recognise the letters in their name, which in turn assists them with caring for their named belongings at school.’ 

What can parents do at home to help develop their child’s reading skills?

‘Reading to your child creates memories and helps you form bonds with your child.’ 

Bedtime stories are important, and Amanda suggests some other ways that parents can help their children with reading.

‘Parents can repeatedly read the same story to their child at home for a week, as some children learn through repetition,’ she shares. 

‘Then from there, gauge if the child can recall parts of the story or remember some of the words that were in the book to also assist with memory recall. 

Reading to your child creates memories and helps you form bonds with your child. You can give the gift of imagination, adventure, knowledge and help develop their literacy skills.’

You can find out more about Kool Kids Early Learning Centre Nerang here, or if you would like to search for child care in your area simply enter your postcode in the search bar at the top of the page.

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