Why reviews are a valuable insight for parents choosing child care

June 17, 2020


When parents begin thinking about child care, they often turn to their friends to ask for their advice on the best options. After all, they’ve been there and done that - so it’s a valuable source of information.

But what happens if you’re the first to have children in your group of friends, you have different requirements to your friends, or you move to a new area where you don’t have that inside knowledge?

Toddle can help. With all Australian child care centres on the Toddle directory, parents can access information including location, fees, availability, programs - and reviews.

Reviews can come from several sources, all of which are offered on Toddle. 

Reviews can come from: 

Google reviews: Toddle offers these at the bottom of each listing so that parents can see at a glance what star rating the centre has, and any comments from parents that have provided one.

ACECQA ratings: each centre is given a rating by ACECQA, which is an independent national authority that assists the government in administering the National Quality Framework. Each centre is rated on seven areas (such as health and safety, relationships with children, educational program and practice) and then given an overall rating. All of this information is available on the Toddle site for each child care centre in Australia. 

Reviews provided by the centre: when Toddle adds information to a centre’s listing, we will often ask them to provide us with any reviews that they have on hand (or from their website), and we will add these to the Toddle listing.

Reviews filmed by Toddle on site: these are the gold dust of the child care reviews. When Toddle visits a centre, we will speak with real parents that are using the centre. We film the reviews and add these to the child care centre’s listing page for other parents to view. You can see some examples of this by watching the videos on this page such as this centre in Sydney and this centre in Melbourne. We also speak with the centre’s educators, which also gives the viewer a terrific insight into the care they offer.

Why video reviews are a great source of information for prospective parents

When Toddle films the parent reviews inside a child care centre, it gives the viewer a lot more information that a written review just can’t provide.

The viewer can see the reviewer and get a sense of how strongly they feel about the centre. They can see the parent interacting with the child, and see how the child feels about the centre. 

It offers such great insight, that many happy Toddle customers who have found child care through the site have mentioned the value of the parent review videos in helping them decide which centre to go with.

When we speak with the educators from the centre, you get a sense of the bond that they have with the children in their care, and their passion for their job.

Are you looking for child care for your little one? Visit Toddle, where you can access every child care centre in Australia. 

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