This child care centre sees physical activity as an essential part of the children’s day

September 06, 2020


Physical activity is so important for little ones, and this child care centre knows how much children enjoy it too. That’s why at Bluebird Early Education Robina, physical activity is a big part of the curriculum. 

Toddle spoke to Belle Tobin (Centre Manager) and Emma Niceski (Assistant Manager) from Bluebird Early Education Robina to find out more about how their sports program works.

What types of physical activity do the children take part in? 

‘At Bluebird Early Education Robina our children participate in various activities to stimulate their bodies and minds,’ says Belle. 

‘We have external providers that take these sessions. We provide sporting activities such as: 

  1. Swimming
  2. Soccer
  3. Tennis
  4. Happy Feet (dancing)
  5. Forest School (exploring in nature)
  6. Future Champs (sports program)

The children are always very excited to participate in these sporting activities and love the uniforms that go with them,’ she says. 

‘We have the same instructors each week that our children have built a bond with and know very well.’

What are the benefits of physical activity for children?

‘At Bluebird Early Education Robina children are encouraged to have positive physical experiences,’ shares Emma. ‘This is to help strengthens the children’s bones, muscles, hearts and lungs. 

Physical activity also improves children’s coordination, balance, posture and flexibility.

Physical activity has lots of health benefits for children, it also boosts children’s wellbeing. For example, active children are more likely to:

  • Be confident and feel like they belong
  • Be relaxed and sleep well
  • Concentrate better at school
  • Get along with others and make friends easily
  • Share, take turns and cooperate.’

Do the children look forward to it?

‘Absolutely, yes, they do!’ says Emma. ‘Our children know the days that each sport is held on and get so excited, asking for the instructors and wondering what time they will be here. 

They wait eagerly by the door as the instructor comes and collects them to begin their sport.

Sometimes the instructors let the children lead the class. They love to show their peers the right way to hold the racket or throw the ball.

Then, after the children have completed their sporting activity, they are ready for some lunch and some relaxing time.’

What do the parents think of all the sports and fitness that their children take part in?

‘Our parents love it!’ shares Belle. ‘We often have families mention that they love looking at the photos of what their child has achieved while in our care and while participating in these experiences we offer. 

Families have noticed that not only are their children becoming confident in new skills but also developing more social skills.’

You can find out more about Bluebird Early Education Robina here, or find child care in your area by entering your postcode in the search bar at the top of the page. 

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