6 ways to celebrate Global Parents Day on June 1st

June 01, 2020


If the last few months of lockdown with kids have taught us parents anything, it’s that we’re stronger as a family than ever.

So the timing of Global Parents Day couldn’t be better. Here’s a chance for families to celebrate each other and honour the tireless work of parents everywhere.

You might be used to celebrating Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but if you’re new to this whole Parent’s Day don't despair. 

Here at Toddle, we’ve got some quick and easy ways that you and your crew can come together on this special day, June 1st 2020.

1. Cook up a big family breakfast 

Children of all ages love to be helpful, so give everyone a job as you prepare a lovely breakfast for each other. Little ones can set the table and get the ingredients out of the fridge; older children can crack eggs and make cups of tea; while the bigger children can write up the menu and fry the bacon. Get everyone to pitch in so that it’s a real team effort.

2. Create a family bucket list

Having shared goals is a great way to bring your whole family together. Grab a piece of paper and markers, and write down the name of each family member. Each person has to think of something that they would like to achieve as a family in the next year. It could be hiking a specific local trail, or going for a family bike ride. Whatever it is, writing it down will make it even more fun when you get to tick it off the list.

3. Send a message to other parents you admire

Maybe your friends and family don’t know about Global Parents Day, so why not spread the love? Think about parents that you know and admire, and send them a text letting them know why you think they’re doing a great job. Everyone loves to be acknowledged and this is a nice way to give back to others, asking nothing in return.

4. Bake something sweet and delicious 

Nothing says celebration better than a lovely cake, decorated with sprinkles and candles. Why not? Your family is worth celebrating. Children love baking, and everyone can play a part in the process. Enjoy a sweet afternoon tea with your crew in the garden with cake and a cuppa. Bliss.

5. Have a family games tournament

Bring out the competitive spirit in your family with a games afternoon. Choose options that everyone can join in on, and make teams such as adults vs kids, or boys vs girls. Younger children might like UNO, charades or hide and seek. Make a tally board and keep track of the scores, with a token prize for the winner. 

6. Create a new tradition

What would you like to do to honour the parents this Global Parents Day? Why not make a new tradition for your family that you know they’ll love. It could be a beach picnic, a fire pit marshmallow roasting session, or a bushwalk ending with hot chocolates from a thermos.

Whatever it is, be sure to take a moment to say thank you to the parents (and the kids, let’s be honest they’re pretty great too) and enjoy Global Parents Day this June 1st 2020.



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