Truth or Dare for Kids - With Example Questions

July 07, 2021


Truth or dare for kids can be a great game for the whole family to enjoy. It is more flexible than a board or computer game, as the questions are adaptable to each family and ages of kids. The truth and dare for kids questions can also be a fun way to get to know different things about each other. The questions can be pre-planned or spontaneous. Planning the questions can be a really fun activity to do with your kids in preparing to play the game. The game is also perfect to bring out at birthday parties. 

How to play truth or dare for kids

The game has really clear instructions to follow. It is simply players selecting if they want to do a truth or a dare. If the player decides to not do the truth or dare, then there is a consequence. The consequence is decided by the family, such as, doing five push-ups, ten jumping jacks or running around the lounge room three times. The game is meant to be fun and interactive, so the consequence needs to be something pretty easy.

  1. The youngest player starts and the player next to them asks if they want to do a truth or dare.
  2. If they select truth, the player gets to ask them a question and they need to answer honestly.
  3. If they select dare, the player gets to give them a dare to do.
  4. If they don't want to do the truth or dare, then they need to do the consequence.
  5. Continue the game until everyone has had a turn. The amount of turns or questions is unlimited.

Truth or dare questions for kids

Truth or dare for kids is a fun and interactive game for families to play together and can be played for a few minutes or hours. Along with it being a fun game, it also involves children being involved in risky play, which can assist in the development of a child’s self-confidence. Along with structured questions, it can also be an opportunity for parents to ask their kids what is a dare they would like to try, and for their kids to safely try new things. It could be that your child has always wanted to try a handstand, but was nervous as they thought they would fall.

Come up with your own truth or dare questions, these might be funny or simple, and you can write them down to use again at a later stage. Here are some example questions to inspire you.

Example truth questions

  • What is your favourite food?
  • If you were granted a wish, what would you wish for?
  • What is your favourite character in a movie?
  • Do you have a favourite animal?
  • If you could time travel, what year would you visit?
  • What is something you are scared of?
  • What country would you like to visit?
  • If you could pick any superpower, what would you choose?

Example individual dare questions

  • Pretend to be a dinosaur.
  • Roar like a lion.
  • Sing the chorus of your favourite song. 
  • Walk around the room pretending to be a robot.
  • Dance for 20 seconds.
  • Run to your bedroom and back five times.
  • Try to do a cartwheel.
  • Spin around for 20 seconds and then walk to the nearest door. 

Example multi-player dare questions

  • Change a clothing item with another player.
  • Have another player paint your nails.
  • Have another player do your hair.
  • Do a silent disco with a player next to you. 

Example activity dare questions

  • Have a blindfold set up with paper and either pencils, textas or paint and brushes. The player is blindfolded and they have to draw a family member in one minute.
  • Blow up a balloon and they need to keep hitting it to keep it from touching the ground for one minute.
  • Have three balls ready for them to juggle for 30 seconds.
  • Hide an object in the room and the player has to find it in one minute.

Truth or dare for kids is a really engaging way for families to connect and play a fun game together. It is an adaptable game where the players select the questions and it can be modified depending on kids abilities and ages. It is up to you how much planning to do for the questions, whether you prepare questions and activities beforehand and set up equipment for the dares or keep the questions spontaneous. Most of all it is important to laugh and have fun playing the truth or dare for kids game together.

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