Teaching Kids About How to Save Water

September 04, 2021


Children are not born with the ability to be environmentally conscious. It can, however, be taught with the participation of the entire family, as with most worthwhile lessons. There are numerous ways to incorporate conservation lessons into regular playtime.

With pollution, climate change, and a growing population threatening our water supply, it's critical to find ways to connect children to this vital resource so they understand why we must protect it. Showing them how they can make a big difference every day by conserving water will instil a "green" mindset in them that will last as they grow.

Water conservation lessons for kids can be entertaining. To inspire your young water conservationist, ditch the lecture notes and try these fun educational activities.

Start with a Story

Lecture notes belong to their teachers. Instead, spend a minute or two telling your child about how your perspective on natural resources has evolved over time. Were you their age when you realised how important they were? Was it something you learned in class, something you saw on TV, or something you experienced firsthand? Have you heard anything that has caused you to reconsider your conservation stance?

Enlist a Cast of Animal Counterparts!

All children need to learn to empathise with others, and a trip to the local aquarium can help them find their inner compassion for the environment. Most aquariums try to teach water conservation to visitors, both children and adults. Demonstrate how every animal relies on a plentiful supply of clean water. When you get home, discuss with your children how daily household decisions may affect animals which they interacted with!

Simplicity is Key

Now that you're aware of how home water usage affects ecosystems, it's time to put what you've learned into practise. This requires some imagination, but thankfully, children don't need to be told to do so. Put that energy to good use by having your child make a list of things the whole family can do around the house to save water. Here are a few simple ones:

  • If clearing the dinner table is on their to-do list, have them skip the rinse and put the dishes in the dishwasher right away. It may be surprising what that magical machine can do for our dishes!
  • Have them make a label for a special water bottle that they can keep in the refrigerator so they don't have to wait for the water to cool down when they want some water from the tap!.
  • Make sure they tightly shut off taps when they're finished with them.
  • If the kids need to wash their bikes or scooters, tell them to fill a bucket with water and scrub them with a sponge rather than running the hose the entire time.
  • Tell them that instead of dumping a glass of water down the drain, they should water the houseplants.

A Splash of Creativity!!

Making a game or project out of it is one way for kids to take the lead on water conservation. For example, a lot of water is wasted due to leaks from faucets and pipe joints that aren't detected. Playing a game of CSI: water unit with your kids can empower them to investigate its use on their own. Invite them to join you on a "leak hunt" with a notepad. Look for hints, such as the sound of dripping or the appearance of mould or strange spots.

Have your child use this forensics trick when searching the bathroom: Wait thirty seconds after dropping ten drops of food colouring into your toilet tank. Is there any colour in the toilet bowl? If this is the case, you have a silent water leak that would otherwise go undetected.

People usually turn off the faucet after they've finished showering (especially during the winter). Try taking quick showers and competing for the most thorough (but quick!) clean. Saving the waste water from your pet fish to use as nutrient-rich hydration for non-edible plants is also a great way to recycle water.

Hopefully these tips help you teach your young water conservationists how to conserve this precious resource, and don’t forget your magnifying glass on your CSI game!

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