Easter Bunny Letter - An Easter Bunny Letter to a Child

March 17, 2021


Easter can be a very exciting time of the year for children and is the perfect time of the year to get outside and have a great time! Over the four days of the holiday, you can plan many different events and getting them to write an Easter Bunny letter is an excellent activity for the afternoon on Good Friday.

With the Easter egg hunt traditionally happening on Sunday, you usually need a few activities planned out in advance so your kids don’t go a little stir crazy at home. Break out the colouring pencils, chalk, glitter, and anything else you can think of to make the Easter Bunny letter something that will impress and inform good old EB exactly what your children want to happen.

Planning your Easter Bunny letters

Before writing out the letter, decide on where you’ll be sending it. The main post office on Easter Island has been a popular destination, and they receive several hundred letters each year. But, for many people simply having a ‘special’ post box inside the house is the easiest method. If your child has made an Easter bonnet at child care then you can use this as the ‘magic portal’ that delivers letters straight to the Easter Bunny. 

To start the Easter Bunny letter, use a good piece of paper and ask your child what they’d like to happen for Easter. You can write down what they talk about and then they can get busy decorating the letter in the best way they can. Once they have finished you can roll up the letter, and place it in the letterbox that will deliver it overnight to the Easter Bunny!

Writing an Easter Bunny Letter for your Child

Sending a letter to the Easter Bunny is one thing, but if your child receives a reply it adds to the magical charm of the entire day. You can prepare your return letter in advance, unless you want to include any information that your child wrote, in that case you can design the letter and write it later.

Use some fancy paper, you can buy coloured cardboard, glitter paper, and other supplies at most stationery stores and large retailers (such as Kmart). By using these, you’re making the letter look special and interesting, and your child will treasure it for many years. Use your finest crafting skills and make the letter look as festive as possible. Remember that because you're sending it to your child, they’re not as judgemental as adults are! Go at it and let your inner child shine through!  You can turn the letter into an outdoor scene by using coloured paper cut into shapes, or with felt materials. At Easter, you can easily find plenty of supplies at local $2 dollar shops, buy some of these and add them to your letter. After you’ve finished with the main body of the letter it’s time to move on to writing it.

Using an online editor for your letter

If your handwriting is not that great, then using a word processing program on your computer could be your best friend, or if you're skilled enough you can use free graphic design programs available online (we’d suggest giving Canva a try). When using a program try to use a font that is easily readable, avoid using heavily scripted fonts as they can be hard to read, especially for new readers. You can keep the Easter Bunny letter quite short as it only needs to give a few details, and make sure you personalise it! Try to mention something that your child likes, or an achievement they were particularly proud of. You can follow or build on this example:


Dear {name}, 

I was so pleased to find your letter in my home! It was such a good read that I nearly forgot to leave and deliver your eggs! I have hidden all the eggs around your house and I know you’ll have heaps of fun finding them. Just try to keep them away from your parents!!

Keep on smiling,

EB (Easter Bunny)


Bond over a letter to the Easter bunny

Easter is a great time to bond as a family, and sharing a simple task such as writing an Easter Bunny letter can build on the relationships in the home. Give it a try and you’ll see that it helps in making your child's day something they’ll remember for a long time!

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