Melbourne families will need a permit to use child care from Thursday

August 04, 2020


Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has today outlined that for those parents who are considered permitted workers, they will need to apply for a permit online for child care, to prove that there is nobody at home to look after their children.

The form and more information is available on the state government website here, with an outline of who is considered a permitted worker available here. Parents are encouraged to complete the form to apply for the permit if they wish to use child care on Thursday.

Mr Andrews explained that it's a matter of reducing the movement of people around the city. 'There will be many, many families who will not be able to access child care as they normally would and that is essential to driving down movement, it is essential to driving down these numbers,' he said.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Dan Tehan has revealed a support package for families in Victoria who will not be eligible to send their child to child care during stage 4 lockdown.

With an aim to keep child care providers open in Melbourne and across Victoria, starting on Thursday 6th August, the government is offering an extra 30 days of allowable absences (on top of the 42 days already allocated).  

Child care providers will be incentivised to waive the gap fee so that parents will not be charged to keep their child’s place at child care, even if they are unable to attend due to the stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne.

‘We want those parents to keep their children enrolled because we know once we come out of this pandemic, they will need the care for their children so that they can go back to work,’ Mr Tehan explained.

‘And I would say to parents, please, keep your children enrolled,’ he said.

For child care centres, an additional 5% top up payment will be offered in addition to the current 25% top up payment. 

Mr Dehan explained that the government is offering a ‘triple guarantee’ of support. Meaning: 

  1. There will be no cost to parents to keep children enrolled at child care.
  2. Educators will have an employment guarantee in place.
  3. Financial guarantee for centres by keeping the subsidy on, meaning centres can keep their services open.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Mr Tehan said it will be up to the child care centres to waive the gap fee for parents. ‘But what this package does is incentivise providers to waive the gap fee. Because what that means is enrolments will stay strong, they will also get access to the childcare subsidy and also to that additional 5% top-up payment.’

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