Birthday ideas for kids in isolation

April 02, 2020


Every parent wants to make their child’s birthday special, which can be hard if you’re self isolating or in lockdown. However, the show must go on! Here are some tips on how you can make your child’s day special, even if you can’t leave the house.

Facetime your family and friends

While you can’t invite everyone over for a party, you can still celebrate together through the magic of Facetime. Video chat with your loved ones on your child’s special day. Another great idea is to get your friends and family to send you video messages of them singing happy birthday!

Host a virtual birthday party

Why not get your family and friends together on Zoom for a virtual birthday party? To make it extra special, get the guest of honour to login after everyone else so they can all sing happy birthday when they join!

Bake their birthday cake together

Birthday cake is crucial, and this is a fun activity that you can do together. Bake their favourite cake and then let them decorate it. It might end with a messy kitchen, but they’ll love the chance to be creative. Who knows, they may uncover a hidden talent! Browse Pinterest if you’re looking for inspiration.

Make your own play dough

Let’s bring it back to basics and make our own play dough together! It’s super easy, very cheap and loads of fun. All you need is flour, salt, water and food dye.

Indoor treasure hunt

Hide a treasure chest (something filled with chocolate coins or fun little gifts is perfect) in the house somewhere. Depending on their age, give your child clues to find the treasure, or direct them to it with arrows drawn on post it notes. You’ll get bonus points if you all dress up like pirates, eye patches and hats included. 

Decorate your lounge room and have a movie night

Who doesn’t love a slumber party? Bring your pillows and duvets into the lounge room, get comfy and put on their favourite films. Balloons and fairy lights will really set the scene, and don’t forget a big bowl of popcorn! Sign up for your 7 day free trial of Disney+ and you’ll find something perfect for every age (and yourself). You can also use the Netflix Party extension for Chrome and watch Netflix with others.

Stuck for gift ideas?

While most shops are shut, there are plenty of online stores that are still delivering. Here are some gift ideas that’ll keep the kids occupied while you’re isolating or in lockdown. 

Lego is always a winner! Let your child's imagination run wild with a classic box of bricks, or help them follow instructions and build something together (hello, Hogwarts Castle!).

Everyone loves doing jigsaw puzzles, no matter what age. You can get floor puzzles with extra large pieces for the younger ones, or challenge older kids with something harder.

If your budget is a little higher, why not consider a gaming console? We recommend getting something you can play together. Think Karaoke Revolution or Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for the Nintendo Wii.Wii Sports has the added bonus of tiring your child out with all that physical activity!

While this birthday is sure to be a little different, you can still have a fantastic day celebrating at home. 

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