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About OOSH at SGCS

Keyorris Pty Ltd is a family-based approved childcare provider. Our Directors have over 20 years’ experience in operating Out Of School Hours Care services. We are a small locally-based company that is hands-on. You will regularly see our company’s Director’s involved at the OOSH service at St George Christian School. We also employ a Childcare Operations Manager to provide continuous support to our Nominated Supervisor and educators working at the service, OOSH at SGCS.

As parents, we understand the pressures of balancing work and home life. We understand the sadness and worry that you may feel at times as a parent from missing school pick up or drop off. Rest assured that your child is safe and having fun at OOSH. Our program, policies, and practices are compliant with the Education and Care Services National Law. As a company, we expect quality at all times.

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70 Bellevue Parade, Hurstville

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07:00AM - 06:00PM

OOSH at SGCS Reviews

  • Ezekiel Yung - about 2 months ago

    come in 2-3 years when building finsihed

  • Sam Kennedy - 3 months ago

    I attended this school from Kindergarten to Year 6. During my time there, there were a few decent teachers, but also some terrible ones. From as early as year 1, if there was an altercation or a problem between myself and another student, the other student would receive a 10 minute detention during lunch, I would be sent to the principals office, this from a very young age, put a target on my back for other students. I was the "problem child". As my education here continued into their Primary education system, things got worse, around the time of year 4, my parents marriage had fallen apart, this affected me greatly, and I became more emotionally responsive, between years 4-6 there were a nominal amount of events that occurred, I received many suspensions, other students got 10 minute detentions. The teachers failed in every regard to manage their classrooms, I was heavily bullied over these three years, by the time year 6 had come, from records kept by my mother of things that happened, it was estimated that roughly 50% of the year was bullying me. An anti-bullying policy was even introduced because of me. Throughout this whole time, not one letter was sent to the parents of any child involved in altercations with me, even when one indecent in particular happened, when I was sitting on a swing in Year 6, and another student came up behind me on the swing, grabbed my tie pulled it around my neck and yanked me off the swing, this altercation was not addressed any further than a teacher being told, and a meeting between my parents, myself and the principal. One time I was so distressed about my situation with other students, and being cast out, a simple game of cops and robbers, there was a large group playing, I asked to join, they didn't want me to, they agreed on one circumstance to let me join, I would be the robber, they'd all be cops. In other words, me vs everyone. I responded to this by climbing a tree, and calling them out for being bad people, they laughed, a teacher "specifically Mr Archer" came up and dismissed the situation, told me I was digging my own grave., I refused to leave that tree until it was home time that day, in spite of the students and the teachers. "In the meeting that took place after this incident with the principal, Mr Archer and my parents." Mr Archer exclaimed he thought I was acting, and doing it for attention. After this incident, for 3 months I was no longer allowed to have lunch on the playground with everyone else, I had to have my recess and lunch in a classroom by myself. For the sake of not having another incident. Again, not one letter to any student's parent was sent. The school sent me to get tested for many mental health related issues, the only one that came back, Environmental Depression. The environment being that school. Eventually the coin rubbing game became rampant in the school, where students would rub coins across the skin, this would sometimes leave marks, It had happened to me many times, when I was on the playground and another student ran coins across my back, I started doing it back, except once I did it, it was a different story. The school used this opportunity to get rid of me, they called a meeting with my parents and gave them two options, withdraw me from the school, or I would be expelled. I'd also like it noted, the principal at the time "James Honour" told my parents, that if they thought of taking legal action, and filing a lawsuit against the school, they would deflect it as emotional distress caused by my parents marriage break up. Summary, this school does not care about your child, they care about your money, they do nothing to support mental health, there is rampant favouritism for faculty's children, they try to sweep any problems under the rug. This school traumatised me, and scarred me. Please don't put your child in this environment.

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