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About Namut Early Learning Centre

Our message to our children:
You are individual and unique. You have your own special potential and abilities.
As your teachers and carers we will support your needs and encourage your own special skills.
We will develop positive attachments with you with praise, cuddles and consistency. We will use our own
interests and skills to give you opportunities to explore, discover, challenge yourself and learn in a
setting in which you feel safe and secure. A setting in which you feel and know you belong.
Your feelings and opinions will be valued; we want you to express yourself freely. We will help and
support you to interact with your friends and teachers.
We will provide you with a safe, stable and secure environment in which to learn and grow.
We want to see you shine!
Our message to our families:
As parents and carers, you are the most important people in your children’s lives. We acknowledge and
respect this.
Within the framework of our care for your children, we will embrace the vast range of practices, traditions
and beliefs of your family and others at the service.
We aim to cater to your needs and support your family within the broader community of our service.
In order to care for your child to the best of our ability we need your support and participation. We value
all forms of contributions that families can make to the service and program.
Ours is a partnership between families, children and educators where all are valued and respected. One
of our strengths, we believe; is our customer service. We believe in going the extra mile for you, with the
end goal being the best possible outcome for you and your child.
We are not just an education and care service, we are a community that comes together to help and
Our message to each other:
Firstly and most importantly we are a team.
We support and respect each other. We acknowledge that we are individuals, bringing different
experience, skills and talents to the service, individuals working toward a common goal – to be the best.
We know that our team is more than the educators alone. Our team includes our families, outside
support agencies and community groups.
The values at the heart of our service, guide us to work together with respect, trust, honesty and with
open communication. It is only when we work together as one that we can provide the best quality care
for our children and families.
We encourage each other to reflect upon our practices, to learn from each other and grow with continual
professional development. We support each other, encouraging the asking of questions, the seeking of
answers and valuing the knowledge we share with each other.
We each have our own spark and creativity which will be embraced.
We all learn, we all teach; educators, staff, children, families and community. It is a continuously evolving
The service program:
Our program grows from the core ideals of supporting our children’s sense Being, Belonging and
Our program encourages your child to be the best they can. It encourages them to explore their abilities
and to challenge themselves. It aims to help them feel that they are not only here at the service, but that
they are a vital part of it.
They belong and are valued for who they are This is their education and care service and the program
reflects this.
Your child has a unique and individual way of seeing the world and interacting with it. Your child has their
own interests, own specific set abilities and needs; these will be embraced. We will plan and implement
specific experiences for them within our program.
The program will also reflect our families and our community. We encourage your ideas and input into
the program.
The program will reflect our ideals; the importance of children’s play, the importance of interactions with
nature and the importance of being good global citizens. To that end we will embrace sustainable
practices and promote the importance of sustainability.
We encourage a wider world view and regularly have visits from community organisations as part of the
Our program is an ever evolving and changing document, a living document that reflects current
teaching practices and your child’s interests and their current developing abilities and strengths.
The program is a mixture of fun and spontaneous experiences balanced with intentional teaching to
ensure that your child will be prepared for the transition to the school system.
This holistic approach to teaching and learning ensures our program is developmentally appropriate and
meets outcomes listed in the Early Years Learning Framework.

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Namut Early Learning Centre Reviews

  • Shania John - 4 months ago

    The best centre in the area, love all the staff they make you feel like family. They are patient and understanding, they took the time to get to know our family. They give honest feedback om my childs progress and listen to my concerns and help come up with solutions. Jennifer knows how to perfectly blebd kindness, caring and professionalism. Can't thank you all enough for everything.

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