Monash Primary School - Preschool Unit

Monash Primary School - Preschool Unit

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About Monash Primary School - Preschool Unit

The Education Directorate's vision is that all young people in the ACT learn, thrive and are equipped with the skills to lead fulfilling, productive and responsible lives. The Directorate values are honesty, excellence, fairness and respect. The vision and values are reflected through our school philosophy.

School Vision
Our vision is that:
All children are unique with individualised learning and developmental needs.
Learning Environments foster differentiated learning, whereby students become equipped with developmentally appropriate knowledge, understandings and skills to lead fulfilling, productive and responsible lives.
Child-centred, personalised learning is the key to authentic engagement.
Children are active participants in their learning by investigating, constructing, creating and exploring their worlds through purposeful, planned and intentional learning experiences.
Development of the whole child is achieved by meeting their academic, social and emotional needs, building resilient and global citizens of the future.
Mission Statement
To provide high quality, child-centered, personalised learning in a nurturing, engaging environment that fosters a love of learning and prepares each student to meet the challenges of the future.
Monash is committed to:

Providing high quality learning environments with passionate educators.
Actively engaging students in their learning through inquiry-based investigations in conjunction with explicit and formalised instruction.
Working in partnership with parents/carers to develop connected learning communities.
Employing best practice across all key learning areas.
Monash School Values embedded across all we do.
Meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.
Preparing our students with the required skill set to aim for excellence and meet the challenges of the future.
Monash Preschool Statement of Philosophy
Framed by the Early Years Learning Framework, Inquiry Approach and Monash Primary School Values we believe:
Children are capable, curious explorers, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:
children engaged in conversation and discussion
children making decisions
children inquiring together
children playing indoors and outdoors
children wondering, questioning and taking risks
children interacting with each other and their educators
children exploring and learning in responsive, vibrant, challenging learning environments thoughtfully designed and resourced with invitations to promote dispositions for learning such as curiosity, persistence, cooperation, imagination and confidence
educators honouring children’s voice.
Learning is play based, intentional and collaborative, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:

children actively constructing their own understandings
long uninterrupted periods of learning
educators interacting with children, researching, inquiring and co constructing learning
learning environments resourced with open ended, high quality materials that invite and provoke curiosity, awe and possibility
learning environments that foster risk, challenge, wonder, awe, creativity and imagination
learning created together.
Educators are reflective, intentional curriculum decision makers, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:
educators collaborating, supporting and challenging each other
educators reflecting on practice
educators listening, questioning and responding to children
educators observing, recording and documenting children’s learning
the vision, principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework in action.
Families are partners in learning, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:

a welcoming and inclusive non judgmental environment
valuing of expertise and knowledge and many ways of belonging, being and becoming
educators spending time with families
good, clear, respectful and reciprocal communication.
Monash is a connected, respectful community school, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:

mutual respect between home and preschool
local children walking and riding to preschool with siblings, parents and carers
families helping each other
proactive community engagement and a dynamic Community Hub
preschool and school working together
appreciation of the beautiful landscape and Indigenous heritage of Monash.

Getting to Monash Primary School - Preschool Unit

Monash Primary School, 45 Corlette Cres 45 Corlette Cres, Monash

Opening hours

8:00AM - 4:00PM

Monash Primary School - Preschool Unit Reviews

  • Marie Nguyen - 9 months ago

    Excellent school, teachers and staff are so friendly.

  • Zane Williamson - over 1 year ago

    Nobody does anything about bullying until the victim flights back then it becomes "absolutely terrible" then nothing happens to the bully

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