Kids Resort Early Learning Centre

Kids Resort Early Learning Centre

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About Kids Resort Early Learning Centre

At Kids Resort Early Learning Centre we aim to provide children with the best possible early learning opportunities through engaging in play in a welcoming and nurturing environment.

We are a long daycare centre providing education and care for children six-weeks old to five years old. We offer an outstanding early learning program aiming to enhance children’s learning and development across all developmental areas. We also have an amazing government funded 4-year-old kindergarten program.

Availability & Fees

Age6wks - 12mths

Vacancy information is not available for this age group.


$140.00 a day per child

Fees for Kids Resort Early Learning Centre may vary based on rebate availability. You may be eligible to a rebate of up to 85% of your childcare fees.

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Reviews for Kids Resort Early Learning Centre

Natalie Debonoabout 2 years ago

Our son has been attending early learning for nearly a year, he started at 6 months. We can’t thank the educators enough. Every day he attends we pick him up happy and he gibbers all the way home (clearly telling us how good his day was), we see how much he loves going, how much he genuinely has bonded with the other kids and the educators. Our son can’t walk any faster to get in the room when we pull up. The educators have such a range of educational games and fun experiences that he loves, they take the kids in little excursions and share their days with us via a great little app. The centre is clean, organised and well run. Our Son has taken huge leaps and surprises us continually with things that he has learnt at early learning. We have had a terrific experience and we plan to keep our son there until he finishes kindy. We can’t thank the educators enough, they treat our Son like he is their own.

Location of Kids Resort Early Learning Centre

88 Greg Norman Drive, Sanctuary Lakes
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