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Here at Juniors at Wamberal we pride ourselves on providing a family owned centre with a conscious thought in providing a safe, fun and nurturing environment that meets the needs of your child and your family.We are proud to be regarded as a high quality child care centre within our community since we opened our doors in 2007.

Every year we have sent our graduating preschoolers to big school with all the skills needed to succeed. We have strong respectful relationships with all our local schools as well as strong connections with many supporting agencies to help your child reach their fullest potential.

Our JEM program (Juniors Emotional Management) is the foundation to our success with our children. We teach your child the life skills needed to enter into the next stage of their life. Our Educators are enthusiastic and committed to early education. We are dedicated to teaching your child the fundamental skills of lifelong learning through creating an environment of positive interactions and the opportunity to use play as research.

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$120.00 a day per child

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604 Tumbi Road, Wamberal

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7:00AM - 6:00PM

Juniors at Wamberal Reviews

  • Juniors at Wamberal - about 1 year ago

    From the owner, We have been operating since 2007. We follow all the rules and regulations that the Department of Education govern us by. Our first priority to the children in our care is their health and safety and we do not apologise for following "Staying Healthy in Childcare" - The standards that the department provide us. We have a very good reputation with our feeder schools and are very proud of our "School Readiness Program" which starts the first day a child starts with us no matter what their age. We will never make everyone happy nor will we be able to meet everyone's request every time they have one. Our Educators are very professional and hardworking, and our Management team is always there to converse with you if you have a problem. Not all problems can be resolved to parent's satisfaction often due to policies, procedures and regulations. We are passionate about providing high quality care and this has always been our commitment to our families and the children within our care. This year brings comments to this site from people we often don't know. To those that have left us unhappy we hope another service will meet your needs better.

  • Amanda Marjanovic - about 1 year ago

    I had my children enrolled here for 2 1/2 years. The first year was fine but then the centre director left and everything changed. It is such a terrible centre and I regret not taking my children out sooner. They have such a high turn over of staff that it became impossible to remember anyone’s name because they weren’t there long enough to remember. If the staff aren’t happy, how can we expect our children to be happy. Their staff ratios are questionable and my daughter was bitten often, on the last occasion, the educators were aware but yet they did not advise us, my daughter told me that night and showed me the bite mark on her shoulder. I understand that this type of thing happens but the fact that staff were aware and did not tell us is unacceptable. They don’t transition the children all together, the move them on their birthday and in my experience send them up by themselves without any friends or familiar educators which is very disruptive to their routines and meant we had around 6 months of resettling each time this occurred. As a working parent, this centre made it impossible for me to go to work for a full day. Nearly every day that my children were at this centre, I would get called telling me to come and collect one of them. If I didn’t have he support if my mother in law, I would have had to leave my job. Reasons for sending them home included ‘she had a sore ear’, ‘her leg hurts’, ‘she doesn’t seem herself’, ‘she needs extra cuddles today’. Since changing to a new centre, I have not been called once during my work days and my daughters are absolutely loving the new caring and learning environments and educators who have been at the centre for years, which makes a huge difference. My three year old came home after her first day at the new centre and said “mummy, I made so many new friends at my new school today... and no one bit me.” The 5 star reviews listed here are from staff so my recommendation would be to do the research, ask people who have been to the centre before you consider enrolling. The time will be worth it in the long run, not all childcare’s are the same.

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Wamberal is a suburb located in New South Wales. There are approximately 6 child care centres in Wamberal and fees are below the national average.

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