Goodstart Early Learning Preston - Dalgety Street

Goodstart Early Learning Preston - Dalgety Street

6:30am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday
15 Dalgety St, Preston

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About Goodstart Early Learning Preston - Dalgety Street

The home-like, modern environment at Goodstart Preston - Dalgety Street is designed to nurture the development of children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years. The skilled and experienced educators tailor the program to each child's individual interests. The result is confident and capable learners who play an active role as leaders of their own learning journey. 

The large outdoor areas have ample shade and lots of space for the children to explore, run and play. The large yard includes outdoor play equipment, such as sensory gardens, pebbled creek beds, teepees, digging patch and a vegetable garden. The centre also features an outdoor dining hub where the children and educators can share their meals together. 

The indoor areas are equipped with the latest resources to meet the developmental needs of the children. This includes building, art and discovery stations. As they explore their own unique interests, the children are free to socialise with their peers, which helps to develop their social, emotional and communication skills.

The centre has easy parking access and is near to public transport . Why not book a tour of this well equipped and Inviting centre today?

Availability & Fees

0 mths to 24 mths




$145 /day

Fees for Goodstart Early Learning Preston - Dalgety Street may vary based on rebate availability. You may be eligible to a rebate of up to 85% of your childcare fees.

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Reviews for Goodstart Early Learning Preston - Dalgety Street

Bright Funny Bunny11 months ago

my son attended this childcare since he was 11 months. Initially it was really good. From nursery to toddler rooms, I can see my son was happy and growing everyday. Daily updates, it is clear educators put in a lot of effort in daily planning. Since the centre director changed, everything went down hill from there. New Director is unable to retain stuff. Pretty much all educators left and for a few months, the centre was practically running on casuals. Although I was concerned with the quality, I felt as long as health and safety was taken care of, it was ok. I had faith that eventually things would get better. Then they recruited educator R and unfortunately my son was allocated to R. I don't care how boring their activities are but she does not meet her duty of care. She knows how easy it is to get away from her responsibility to blame everything on a toddlers ignorance. My son came home one day with multiple scratches and no educators mentioned anything. We thought it was a once off thing as these things do happen so we didnt dig into this further. Then two days later, there were more sctraches and this time, they were bleeding. This time it was all over his face. Upon pick up, again no educators mentioned anything. Immediately we went to the Director. The Director noticed his sctraches and said will need to wait for R to coming back for answers since she has left for the day. The next day, R called myself and provided a totally unacceptable answer. She said it was totally due to my son's nails. I asked why didn't she notice anything during the day and she couldn't provide a response. She simply said she didn't see anything. I brought this to the Directors attention hoping this near miss incident and unacceptable response can be discussed with R. I find it extremely hard to believe to not seeing anything when one is the key educator and the scratches were all over his face and literally bleeding. I requested my son to be removed from Rs care. This didn't happen without my knowledge. Then a few days later, I received a call from another educator advising me my son had fell and there is a bit of brusing under his left eye. I asked who is looking after my son while this happened? This educator hesitated to answer so I asked if it was R? He didn't say anything so I asked why didn't R call me? And his response was she was too scared to call me. Anyways, I thought it was a small accident as this kind of stuff happens so although annoyed, I didn't taken further action. Upon picking up my son, my world was distroyed. I saw my son with a serious eye bruise. It clearly was not a small incident. Below his left eye was seriously bruised and clearly it bleed. I simply burst into tears and demanded an answer. Again no one could give me an answer. Again R is was looking after my son and she DID NOT SEE ANYTHING. I went to the Directors office again. She did not explain why my son was back in Rs care when I demanded my son to be removed from her days ago. I removed my child from this centre since then. The Director apologised but could not hold anyone accountable. R is the key educator for my son yet she never knows what happened. I wonder what she does on a daily basis. My sons eye is now literally black, blue, and swollen. I am not getting any valid answers from this centre. I have since complained to the head office and DET. If you are planning to attend this centre, be aware, they don't meet their duty of care, they don't hold accountable of anything, they don't listen to your needs, they don't provide valid answers. If anything was to happen to your child, the answer is "no one saw what happened". So be careful, I would fear for my child's life.

Location of Goodstart Early Learning Preston - Dalgety Street

15 Dalgety St, Preston

Preston suburb information

Preston is a suburb located in Victoria. There are approximately 41 child care centres in Preston.

How much is child care in Preston? On average, the cost of child care in Preston is $144 per day. This breaks down to $144 per day for babies, $157 per day for toddlers and $146 per day for kindergarten.

Preston sits just above the national NQS Rating & the average rating of centres is «Meeting NQS».

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