Goodstart Early Learning Clearview

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Mon-Fri 6:30AM - 6:30PM
242 -244 Hampstead Road, Clearview

About Goodstart Early Learning Clearview

Conveniently located on Hampstead Road, our modern, purpose-built centre provides much-needed care for local families. Featuring spacious six learning spaces over a single level and a separate nursery sleep room, Goodstart Clearview is designed as a modern yet home-like, naturally inspired environment.

Inside is designed with spacious rooms and natural lighting and a mixture of furniture reflecting a home-like environment. The neutral colours create welcoming spaces and carefully positioned play areas create an environment that inspires learning for all ages.

Our beautiful indoor and outdoor dining hubs provide a dedicated space for meals with our onsite kitchen with child-height servery allows our cook to serve and engage our children in cooking and preparing meals.

Availability & Fees

Nearly full
Age6wks - 12mths


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Reviews for Goodstart Early Learning Clearview

Rehan Ahmadover 1 year ago

Worst day care/early learning experience ever! Some staff member/educators are really good but very poorly managed by the senior leadership and management! Everytime I asked about anything i.e. reports, water, etc... they have an excuse ready for it. I have never ever heard that we will look into it and make it a better experience, always defensive! When I put some feedback in Story park (portal), if they don't like the feedback they delete it! I thought feedback was meant for improvements. Other goodstart centres do daily reports and this one does weekly, so you have wait for a week to get your child report and you will be disappointed to know there is nothing about your child on that report. And when you ask, why there is nothing they say "we have so many kid to keep track of" and "we invest our time to look after kids rather than taking photos and writing reports". So, they are saying other day care/goodstart centres dont look after kids? Excuse me but schools are meant to be busy with kids and you have the least busy day care in town! If I send my kids to your centre and pay $125 a day, I have every right to know how they have spent their day. In freezing weather kids go out without jacket/jumper and when I complain they say we can't force them to wear jumpers! How a 3 year will make decision if they are not aware of the consequences? If I ask for warm water, they can't provide and have huge explanation to defend why they can't provide! And when I ask them to improve they literally said, you can take out your kid and I did! Thank God! I still regret why I dont take her out quickly, as she is super happy with the new centre and we are super impressed too! All staff members might be qualified but not experienced as they can't afford for experience staff but they can afford to take full fee! Always good idea to mix young and passionate staff with experienced staff so both can learn from each other!

Location of Goodstart Early Learning Clearview

242 -244 Hampstead Road, Clearview
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Clearview suburb information

Clearview is a suburb located in South Australia. There are approximately 1 child care centres in Clearview.

Clearview sits just below the national NQS Rating & the average rating of centres is «Meeting NQS».

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