Edgeworth Public School Preschool

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Mon-Fri 9:10AM - 3:10PM
Minmi Road, Edgeworth

About Edgeworth Public School Preschool

Edgeworth Public School Preschool is a valued part of Edgeworth Public School situated on land traditionally owned by the Awabakal people between Lake Macquarie and the Sugarloaf Range.

We believe that the culture and heritage of each child attending the centre should be reflected in our program.

At Edgeworth Public School Preschool we uphold the following beliefs about:

The Child...

Each child is an individual with their own unique experiences, culture, values, beliefs, interests, strengths and needs.

Each child is a competent and capable learner who has the right to access a quality early learning program which allows them to develop at their own rate towards their full potential as a life-long learner.

Each child’s learning is optimised when they feel supported within a quality learning environment in which BEING a child is valued.

The Family...

The family is a child’s first educator, each bringing their own culture, values and expectations to the learning environment where diversity is celebrated and respected.

The family provides a child’s early opportunities for developing a sense of BELONGING.

We recognise that part of our role as educators is to contribute information and support for families to meet their child’s individual needs for holistic development. Ensuring authentic, respectful communication between families, educators and outside agencies is paramount in maximising each child’s learning within our setting and beyond.

Program and Practice...

Educators recognise our early opportunity to build strong learning foundations for children and their family. The Early Years Learning Framework focusing on Belonging, Being and Becoming, and the National Quality Standard underpin our program and practice.

The program is guided by the children’s culture, interests, strengths and needs and evolves through an ongoing cycle of observation, intentional provision, spontaneous experiences and reflection.

Educators recognise the importance of ongoing professional learning and reflection as part of our commitment to best practice and continuous improvement.


We recognise the importance of play for children to “learn by doing”, BECOMING inquiring learners through intentional provisions which extend individual interests and needs as well as spontaneous experiences.

All children have access to participate in learning opportunities according to their individual interest, abilities, strengths and needs guided by quality educators through effective planning and reflective practice.

We recognise and celebrate the nature of young children as uninhibited, inquisitive, enthusiastic learners who are nurtured through caring, consistent relationships with educators.

The Learning Environment…

We believe that children learn best within a welcoming environment which is supportive and nurturing to children and families. It should stimulate the desire to engage, explore and encourage a willingness to take measured risks as a learner within a safe, happy environment. Meaningful communication, respectful interactions, laughter and joy are valued.

Educators recognise our role in maintaining an engaging, sustainable and natural environment while remaining mindful of the importance of incorporating technology for learning and life.

Relationships within the Learning Community...

We recognise our early opportunity to provide a positive introduction to the learning community of Edgeworth Public School in which participation and inclusion are valued.

Building and supporting positive, respectful, equitable relationships between children, families, educators and the wider community fosters a sense of BELONGING for all participants.

We believe that having positive experiences as learners build participants’ self- esteem, resilience and the desire to contribute positively to the learning community in the future.

Availability & Fees

Age6wks - 12mths


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Reviews for Edgeworth Public School Preschool

Kanwal Sajid7 months ago

my kid loves it

Location of Edgeworth Public School Preschool

Minmi Road, Edgeworth
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Edgeworth is a suburb located in New South Wales. There are approximately 4 child care centres in Edgeworth.

Edgeworth sits just below the national NQS Rating & the average rating of centres is «Meeting NQS».

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