Rosey Pot Kindergarten Avalon

Rosey Pot Kindergarten Avalon

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About Rosey Pot Kindergarten Avalon

Rosey Pot Kindergarten is deeply inspired by the Reggio Emilia education approach. It is with this deep connection we strive to nurture and support the relationships between our educators, children and families.

When you walk through our gate and enter Rosey Pot you will feel our soul . There is a whispering throughout our service. Using all your senses you can feel our natural rhythm in our environment. The breathing in and the breathing out, allows you to witness the dance between the interactions of the educators and children. There is a connective flow. Educators hear this whisper which allows them to tell the story with a richness and transparency. The story of the children’s Belonging to our environment, their Being in the moment and the Becoming of themselves.

As educators we have all answered the call to this most sacred work of service to human development, working with young children and their families. It is with this knowing that we believe that we are the researchers of children’s learning supporting children’s resilience, sense of identity and wellbeing. Children are competent involved learners and value opportunities for wonder, we think of children as professional wonderers.

Providing children with a holistic approach to early childhood education we honour the child’s whole being, including their families supporting their learning in a more tangible, relevant and meaningful way.

Our environment is the third teacher. It provides children with spaces for creative freedom to develop joy, trust and solidarity. Our environment supports relationships and interconnections with children, materials and the natural environment.

Our documentation gives visual representation to the whispering of the children’s voices. We follow the children’s journey. The following of the imaginings of the children and giving form through their 100 languages.

Children posses ‘a hundred languages’ with which they make sense of the world. As Malaguzzi eloquently expressed in his poem ‘No way. The Hundred is there’ (Reggio Children, 1996): ‘ children have a hundred hands, a hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, of playing, of speaking, of listening, of marvelling and loving’. Through the children’s hundred languages children have and construct ways of expressing their thoughts and making sense of their worlds.

To give children the opportunity to see their learning visible, educators authentically document children’s learning. This documentation is captured through photographs, transcripts of small group discussions, explorations of a topic recorded on audio, children’s symbolic representation of their theories and ideas such as drawing, sculpting, painting, and group collaborative project and more. By providing this documentation it allows children to revisit their own discovery process and provide beginnings for further learning. It becomes our tool for research.

At Rosey Pot our mealtimes are seen as a ritual. The ritual of nourishing ourselves, our conversations and relationships with our educators and friends.

Ensuring that educators have a holistic and constructivist approach to understanding children and their development, we are completely honoured to being a part of your child’s Wonder of Learning journey.

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8:00AM - 5:30PM

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