Montessori on King

Montessori on King

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7:00AM - 6:00PM

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Level 1, 77 King Street, Sydney

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7:00AM - 6:00PM

Google Reviews

  • T B - 2 months ago

    Both of my kids attended Montessori Academy King St before they started school. We had a fantastic experience with this daycare. There are many beautiful traits of this childcare and we would recommend Montessori Academy King St to parents with small kids. Convenient and secure location: Centre of SYDNEY CBD, located on King St in the same building of the Apple store. Easy to get to with public transport. Secure location. Easy for parents that are working in the city. Making emergencies easier to be dealt with and in-time resolution possible. Hours: they open between 7am - 7pm which to me is unheard of. They make it so easy for busy parents with busy work commitment, allowing sufficient time for commute and any unexpected meetings etc. without compromising kids pickup. Good environment: generous space and high level of hygiene. It feels safe and comfortable. Structured education: Very well structured curriculum, teaching and learning companioned with structured play and free play, stimulating kids’ interests to learning. My kids learned to be highly organized and appreciate learning. They also have developed their confidence in public speaking and social skills. There are many other skills that they have picked up which have benefited them in their school lives now such as academic competence in reading, comprehension and maths as well as physical education and coordination. Food: high quality food with great variety and nutrition. My kids never liked vegetables at home but they liked the vegetables they ate at daycare. Staff members: lovely teachers and staff members. They care about their work and they care about the kids. They take their responsibilities seriously. I have not heard many incidents of kids injuries. There is no bullying behavior allowed. So kids feel safe, enraged and happy. Parents do not need to worry about it. They have parent-teacher interviews and share their view of your kids and advise any recommended development areas which is very helpful for parents. Management: highly trained and qualified management team and centre director. The team truly love kids and they endeavor to deliver the best experience for kids and their parents. They listen to suggestions from parents and value continuous improvement to make the childcare a happy, safe place equipped with high level of expertise and service. I highly recommend Montessori Academy King St.

  • Yaqin Wu - 4 months ago

    My daughter has been going to Montessori on King since she was 10 months old. Back then I was being very nervous about the day care choice, especially because she was going to start 5 days a week straight way. MoK was one of the options on our list and it was recommended by a friend of us. After viewing a few day cares, I decided to go with MoK as I had a good feeling about it on the tour day. The venue was clean. The staff were warm and very engaging with the children. The whole center looked well organized. Looking back I’m super happy with my decision. Fast forward to present, my daughter has been with them for nearly 4 years. She loves all the teachers at the center. The activities are fun, interactive and flexible to the individual needs. The food is freshly prepared daily with their onsite cook. She particularly loves school excursions and incursions. She has learned a great deal from the topic of the week program that runs at the center ranging from culture diversity, animals, nature wonders, geography, sports and so on. I particularly like their approach to the children at the center where the teachers are caring and patient. They genuinely care for children’s well being, always be available and ready to provide comfort in anyway needed. My daughter is starting big school next year and I’m certain she will miss this place and her teachers and friends. MoK have truly done a wonderful job for my daughter.

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