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About Lifestreamers Childcare

Lifestreamers Childcare focuses on providing a high quality service which meets the needs of the families and children associated with it. We believe in the importance of a warm and caring team who work together to provide a nurturing and secure environment where children can “be”.

We have a consistent team across the service who interact with all children on a regular basis. We desire to promote a sense of “belonging” for our children through encouraging family input into our policies, programs and day-to-day experiences. Our hope is to build a close-knit network of children, families and the Lifestreams team and to foster a community of supportive relationships.

We believe that children “become” by learning through play. We provide a mix of experiences that foster their curiosity, challenge them to explore, provide opportunity to master skills in their own time, promote independence, develop the ability to communicate and form strong relationships with those around them. We value the importance of mixed age group play as they play and learn together.

We have a strong focus on sustainability and embrace the responsibility to improve our social, economic and environmental performance without impairing future generation’s ability to enjoy the same conditions that we do today. To this end, we will implement strategies to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle and turn-it-off’ so that through our actions the children will also develop a desire to embrace environmental responsibilities.

We believe that God created us all as unique individuals and we respect the cultural, linguistic and social diversity of our community. We aim to foster equity, tolerance and inclusiveness in our children through involvement with a diverse range of people. We believe that community engagement is important as it helps to shape children’s knowledge of the world as well as being and becoming contributors to the world. Our goal is to serve you through open communication, respect, confidentiality, support and trust. Our team has a shared commitment to uphold Christ’s love and compassion in all our interactions with families and children.
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Corner Murray Street & McNabb Loop, Como

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7:00AM - 6:00PM

Lifestreamers Childcare Reviews

  • Soheila Taebi - about 1 year ago

    Professional staff and great service. We have been using this centre in the last couple of years. They truly care for children in a friendly and educational environment. I especially like the communication with parents. The photos always bring smile on my face :) My little one LOVES talking about her childcare!

  • LINA Han - about 4 years ago

    My daughter started her CC life here, it has been really tough for her in the beginning coz she did not know any single English word at all when she first came in. But thanks to the nice lifestreamers team, they are so patient and professional, my little one adapted soon. Now, she has spent almost one year here, she loves every single day here and loves spending time with teachers. As a mum, I would say they are so great, I do appreciate their hard work and efforts. '

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