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30 Whitaker Road, Rossmore

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About Jilly's Early Childhood Development and Educational Centre Pty Ltd

The Department of Education and Communities (DEC), are now breaching and fining centres when parents don't sign in or out. The fine value is $2,000-- each time a parent fails to sign in or out. Signing in and out of children is the dept's prime quality item in caring for children. We continue to check the sign in and out at 9am, 2.30pm and 6pm and heavily remind parents of Jillys requirement for parents to be vigilant in signing in and out of their children.

Each breach by a child care centre can carry a fine of up to $22,500 (200 government penality units) from the department. eg, if two parents havn't signed in on the day the officers arrive for a spot check (ie 2 breaches), results in the fine being double. This is resulting in childcare fees going through the roof or centres going broke. We get spot checked by two department officers, on average every four weeks and there seems to be a competition with officers to see how many faults they can find (eg a child's sink tap dripping because a child didn't turn it off fully, or the water is not flowing out of a tap in a proper way, it may be going to the side a little, common breachs) or how they can trick staff into doing something wrong, eg officers talking to staff about say their program for the day and then breaching the staff as they are now not completly supervising children but talking to the department officers. Every time an annonuous complaint is made by the public about a Centre, the dept comes in with multiple officers and does a thorough search for breaches, such as above. There are 350 odd pages of regulations the dept can breach from, nearly each page carrying large monetry fines. so if you want fee to rise report centres many many times.

Under the National Law, DEC officers have the power to enter and remove anything (199(2)(c) take a thing at the premises) they like from a centre as part of 'their investigation,' (Section 199(2)(c) of the National Law) so please don't leave valuables around such as hand bags or mobile phones . They can even take your strollers if they deem it to be part of an investigation and it is very difficult to get them back. Jillys has had its staff attendance records siezed for 6 months before getting them back, resulting in staff not being paid their Super, they don't seem to care. They went through the staff attendance record with a fine tooth comb and found only one day where we needed a Uni qualified teacher for two hours, which Jillys didn't have. There are over 4,000 vacancies for Uni Teachers in childcare, so its impossible to get one. We got breached. It does appear to be a vendeta, 2 hrs in 6 months of records! We did however have 5 Diploma qualified staff in attendance on that day, but that was ignored, they wanted a Uni trained for 2 hrs.

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Age6wks - 12mths


$132.00 a day per child

Fees for Jilly's Early Childhood Development and Educational Centre Pty Ltd may vary based on rebate availability. You may be eligible to a rebate of up to 75% of your childcare fees.

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30 Whitaker Road, Rossmore
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Rossmore suburb information

Rossmore is a suburb located in New South Wales. There are approximately 4 child care centres in Rossmore.

How much is child care in Rossmore? On average, the cost of child care in Rossmore is $111 per day. This breaks down to $111 per day for babies, $111 per day for toddlers and $111 per day for kindergarten.

Rossmore sits just below the national NQS Rating & the average rating of centres is «Working towards NQS».

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